Mixpanel Vs. Goliath

In a vast sea of analytic platforms, how many users choose Mixpanel over the competition?


It takes just 5 minutes to setup, and once you start watching the real-time data flood in, it’s clear that Mixpanel is not only the most “modern” and sleek analytics platform to-date, but also provides a unique take on customer-oriented statistics and insight.

This isn’t a blog post about why Mixpanel is better — instead we want to show you some interesting statistics that exemplify the uphill battle Mixpanel faces in competing with the analytics juggernauts.

There is no denying that Google Analytics and Omniture dominate the online analytics industry. But just how big are they?  We researched the topic and found:

After seeing these numbers we thought, “Well, Mixpanel has a low adoption rate among all webmasters, but maybe their target market is larger web companies”.  So we narrowed our search to just the top 1 million sites on the internet (based on traffic)  Mixpanel appears on just 540 websites out of the top one million. 

How hard would it be for Mixpanel to convince Google Analytics users to make the switch?

Upon further inspection we found 87% of domains that have Mixpanel code also use Google Analytics.

It’s tough to get out of Google’s shadow, so how will Mixpanel convince webmasters to pick them as their primary analytic platform?

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