How To Find New Clients For Your SEO Agency

NerdyData is a search engine for source code.  This post outlines some ways an SEO agency can use our tool to discover potential new clients, en masse.

It’s a gold rush out there for SEO agencies. As businesses come online in droves, they quickly discover that simply paying someone to develop a website will not get you the traffic you need to be profitable. Everyone wants to be at the top of a hot Google search. A criminal attorney in San Francisco who ranks for criminal attorney in san francisco will likely receive many contacts from people interested in legal representation.

Only a small percentage of websites show up in a top placement in organic search results for popular queries.  There are millions of websites that exist, but are are not optimized in a way that will make them appear for these frequently searched keywords, and so they are displaced by those that do optimize.


An SEO agency exists to bridge the gap between Google’s search algorithm and technologically unsavy business owners.            

We have come up with some ways an SEO agency can surface these poorly optimized sites using our search engine. Here are some examples: 

Search for sites that have “niche” and “location” in their <title> tag or on-page text, but DO NOT have a meta description tag

  • If you’re an SEO agency you could use this type of search to narrow down sites owned by “criminal attorneys” in “san francisco” that most likely doesn’t have an SEO agency because they lack a meta description tag on their web pages.

Additionally, we’ve made a number of tools that let you search within the <title> and Meta Descriptions of websites.

Search for sites that don’t have Facebook or Twitter badges, buttons, or social links on their pages.

  • There’s a good chance these sites do not have an online social presence.  Why don’t they?  These businesses could find new customers by creating a social media presence, but may not know how to create one.

Search for sites that use outdated or poorly optimized software

  • Many small business websites are using a version of a CMS, forum, or blog software that is not optimized for high volume queries in Google.  These sites are likely to already contain content, but are not designed in a way that allows them to capture search traffic for terms relevant to their business.

If you want to perform searches like these, try out NerdyData, a search engine that indexes the full source code of webpages and let’s your query using code snippets, as well as keywords.

Additionally, you can submit a request through this form and we can get in touch with you to help you uncover new business leads for your agency.

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